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Trinity Lutheran Church, Norman, is gearing up for another year of Campus Ministry to the students at the University of Oklahoma.

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Greetings to you and your congregation in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Trinity Lutheran Church, Norman, is gearing up for another year of Campus Ministry to the students at the University of Oklahoma.¬†Vicar Rob Schrader, from the Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne, will be working with Pastor David Nehrenz this year at Trinity Lutheran and¬†LCMS U at OU. As in the past, Trinity will be reaching out to Lutheran students at OU and inviting them to participate in the worship, Bible study, and fellowship life of the congregation. LCMS U offers many activities specifically oriented toward the students including dinner parties, picnics, retreats and service projects.¬†¬†We are also reaching out to the international student community. We have ordered small catechisms and other resources in various languages (Chinese, Japanese, Arabic) and are also planning activities for the¬†ESL ‚Äď English as a Second Language¬†group.

We look forward to the opportunity to assist you in your task of shepherding those members of your congregation who will be attending OU in the coming year. 

PLEASE take time to read this and DOWNLOAD ALL FOUR ATTACHMENTS listed below; be sure every family in your congregation  who has a son or daughter who is attending the University of Oklahoma this year receives this information.   We need you to pause for a moment, think of your young people who will be at OU this academic year and be sure that person's family is aware of the opportunties for them while they attend OU this year.

‚ĖļLetter to Comgregations¬† ¬†¬†

‚ĖļCampus Ministry - August 2019 Bulletin Insert¬†

‚ĖļPoster - August 2019

‚ĖļStudent Information 2019


If you do not know who is at OU this year, then send this email to your whole congregation.

If we do not hear from you, or the parents, we will not know about these students.

We have been doing the OU Campus Ministry for 30 years 

- amazing things happen when we contact these young people and get students involved. 

Please help us out this week!

Thank you!)

May the God of grace and mercy bless your labors in His vineyard!

In Christ,

                     Pastor David Nehrenz - 1st V.P. Oklahoma District LCMS - (cell 405-306-8464)      
                     Vicar Rob Schrader (cell 405-429-9327)

                    Office phone (405-321-3443)

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                 Pastor David Nehrenz                                        Vicar Rob Schrader      
                 Cell: (405) 306-8464                                            Cell (405) 429-9327             
                 Office: (405) 321-3443                                        Office: (405) 321-3443



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