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Disaster Response is a ministry of the Oklahoma Distric that seeks to help congregations as they share the Gospel to meet the needs of members and others in their community following a natural or man-made disaster.

Every day in this world disasters occur.  On large scales and small scales, people are affected by tornadoes, hail, doughts, floods, fires, blizzards, and earthquakes--only to name a few.  In addition to disasters that occur within nature, there are disasters which are man-made.  Shootings and other forms of civil violence can be just as destructive as an event occuring within nature.  These may not always be situations in which we volunteer to assist; yet these are always events in which the Church responds with the Word of God.

The mission of the church is to reach out in mercy and compassion to those in need, motivated by Christ and His Godpel and accordin to the Lutheran confession of faith.

No one is untouched by the chaos of a disaster, but Christ's  mandate and example of love for the whole person remains our supreme example for life in this world, and for care of the needy--body and soul.

Individuals, congregations, District and Synod working together allows Disaster Response to meet more needs, and to meet them more effectively.  The duplication of efforts are lessened as we work together, and our ability t respond quickly and effectively will grown ever stronger.

Workshops - For more information about readying your congregation as a Gospel witness for a disaster, consider holding a Congregational Disaster Response Training Workshop please contact:

Rev. Ron Simpson - OK District Disaster Response Coordinator
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Midwest City or 405-732-2585

Donations - To financially support this self-funded ministry, Send your Donations (marked Disaster Response) to:
Oklahoma District Disaster Response - LCMS
Attn:  Brent England
PO Box 70
Owasso, OK 74055

 Any funds not needed for a specific relief effort will be used for other disaster response needs as determined by the Oklahoma District of The Lutheran Church-Missour Synod.  Gifts are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.



Disaster Readiness for Home

Collect Important Information Ahead of Time

Tornadoes:  Some Safeguards

Tornadoes : The Signs

Tornadoes: Seek Shelter


Disaster Readiness for Congregations

Is your congregation ready to face an approaching communiy disaster?  Or Prepared to help with efforts o rescue, relief, recovery, and rebuilding in the wake of one?   If you are unsure ask these questions

  • WHERE IS A SUITBLE AREA FOR SHELTER FROM TORNADOS IN YOUR FACILITY?    It should be in an interior portion or a lower level of the building away from windows.  Consider posting and communicating this information ahead of time?

  • DOES YOUR FACILIT HAVE A WORKING NOAA (National Oceanic an Atomospheric Administration) WEATHER RADIO WITH EXTRA BATTERIE ON HAND?   Is it checked for function on a regular basis?  Is it in a location where alerts can always be heard?  If your community has storm sirens, can they be heard at the church?


  • ARE CHURCH RECORDS SECURE?  Fireproof, waterproof safes are advisable.  Computer records should be baced up and stored elsewhere.  Consider a safe deposit box for infrequently used records.  Is insurance coverage adequate?

  • IS THERE A PLAN FOR MEMBERS CHECKING ON ONE ANOTHER IN CASE OF A DISASTER? Especially consider vulnerable members such as the homebound, elderly or those in poor health.  Can members be mobilized for prayer, food or transportation in time of disaster?

  • WHERE WOULD WORSHIP SERVICES BE OFFERED IF THERE WERE SEVERE DAMAGE TO YOUR FACILITY? Is there a partnership in place with other churche or community agencies to seek and offer assistance in time of disaster?

Adopted from Mercy in Action: Preparing Congregations for Disaster Response, The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, Disaser Response, Copyright 2012.  For information on preparing for all kinds of disaster situations go to