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Your Prayers  Are Needed
Fellow Lutherans affected by the Las Vegas Massacre

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Greetings Oklahoma District folks,

I am including an email message I received from Paula Ross and President Larry Stoterau of the Pacific Southwest District in regards to the recent shootings in Las Vegas.  The messages are from pastors who have had members or school student/families affected by the tragedy.  We have been praying for those impacted by the hurricanes which we can’t control, but now we are challenged to pray for these folks who are reeling from the evil that made itself known so unexpectedly.

God’s blessings to you all,

Barrie Henke 
Oklahoma District President


From: Larry Stoterau 
Sent: Tuesday, October 3, 2017 12:45 PM
To: 'Ross, Paula' <>
Subject: RE: Vegas shooting


Thank you for your prayers and support.

The tragedy in Las Vegas reaches far beyond Las Vegas and the Pacific Southwest District. Many of those attending the concert were from Southern California and other parts of the United States and beyond. We are grateful for the pastors who have responded to the needs of the Las Vegas community by ministering to those directly affected and by opening their doors for prayer services for the community.  A couple of examples of the injuries directly affecting our Lutheran people:

1.       From Steven Buuck, Executive Director of Faith Jr. Sr. High School, Las Vegas

Thanks so much.  We are doing fine under God's grace.  Our two students (twin senior girls who are both cheerleaders) are stable.  The one with a through and through to her leg was even released today.  Her sister is still in ICU following a collapsed lung, but is stable.  While medicated, she is alert and aware of everything.  Still unsure of any surgeries in her future.  Our 2011 alum was shot twice, once in the liver so his surgery to stop the internal bleeding was successful, and he is recuperating in the hospital.  He's stable and should be fine.

So, a tough day for our school and certainly our city, but we have a God greater than all this, and His presence was felt today on campus as prayers have come pouring in from around the US.  Thanks so much for yours; they are felt and deeply appreciated.  If anything changed, I'll let you know.

2.       From Pastor Andy Wu, Pastor Loving Savior of the Hills, Chino Hills CA  

With a heavy heart to urging your prayers for Mrs. Donna Jaksha and her family.  She is on our staff in Loving Savior School. Her son and daughter in law Chris and Rosio went to Las Vegas joined that concert, sadly Rosio was shot , injured and pass away in hospital. Please lift them up through your prayers. Especially pray for Chris and their babies in this heart breaking moment. Thank you. 

3.       From Pastor Craig Michelson, Sr. Pastor of Faith Community Lutheran Church and School,  Las Vegas.  We are finding out that lots of our students lost family members and friends.  

No parents have died.  One in serious condition after being shot in the back. 

Surgery all night. Awaiting another surgery.  Thanks for all your prayers!

Lutheran Schools are a very big part of our ministry in Las Vegas and our congregations are responding with loving care for the families of the children in our schools. The twins from Faith Jr. Sr. High School were interviewed on one of the national morning news shows this morning. I am not sure which one.

Our office continues to be in touch with our pastors and congregations as we learn more about the injuries. The emotional recovery for those who were at the concert will take time with need for great love and care. We seek your prayers for those affected and for those care givers. 

The Rev. Dr. Larry Stoterau, President
Pacific Southwest District, LCMS
1540 Concordia Drive
Irvine, CA 92612
Phone: 949-854-3232  ext. 202


Janice Hedrick
Administrative Assistant
PO Box 70
Owasso, OK 74055




California Rose Parade ~ 2018

Please see attached flyer for the 2017 Rose Parade.

Registration Form here

Deposit due by the end of September and the final payment will be due the second week
in November.  

For questions and more information please contact:

Eddie Morris, DCE 
146 S. Sheridan Tulsa, OK 74112 

Petal pushers are not just pants your mother used to wear.  Petal Pushers is a group of 4,000 volunteers who decorate ten Rose Parade floats in the Pasadena Tournament of Roses parade.  Each year, volunteers from across the nation assemble in December during Detail and Decorating Days to decorate the Lutheran Hour Float, which is the ONLY Christian themed float in the parade, and other floats.  Volunteers range in age from 13-96.  For the past 60 years, the mission of the Lutheran Hour Float Committee has been to provide a Christian witness and message of hope in Jesus Christ, to the un-churched, who view the float in person or through the media.

 How would you like to be a Petal Pusher?   We will leave from Tulsa  or OKC on Dec. 27, 2017 and take a motorcoach to California, see sights along the way, help decorate floats for the parade, see the parade from bleacher seats, and arrive back home on Jan 4, 2018. There are brochures with more information.  If you have questions you may contact Eddie Morris at the information listed below.

Eddie Morris
918-836-3752  Church
918-344-4588  Cell


Trinity Lutheran Church, Norman, is gearing up for another year of Campus Ministry to the students at the University of Oklahoma.


Vicar Keith Kettner, from the Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne, will be working with Pastor Nehrenz this year at Trinity Lutheran and LCMS U at OU.

As in the past, Trinity will be reaching out to Lutheran students at OU and inviting them to participatein the worship, Bible study, and fellowship life of the congregation.

LCMS U offers many activities specifically oriented toward the students including dinner parties, picnics, retreats and service projects. 

We are also reaching out to the international student community.

We have ordered small catechisms and other resources in various languages

(Chinese, Japanese, Arabic) and are also planning activities for the ESL ‚Äď English as a Second Language group.

We look forward to the opportunity to assist you in your task of shepherding those members of your congregation who will be attending OU in the coming year.

To that end we will need your help in locating OU students who have come, or will come from your congregation.

We are working with ‚ÄúLCMS U,‚ÄĚ our synod‚Äôs initiative for campus ministry, run through the Office of National Mission.

They have provided a website which you or a parent can use to enter a student’s name and information.

It can be found here:

1. We ask that you post this link on your church’s website and send it to all your families who have students in college this year.  The LCMS U national website will forward that information to the nearest campus ministry who will then contact the students.  This will aid all the campus ministries in the LCMS, and not just ours at OU.

2. Also print out the Bulletin Insert (two-sided) and the Poster attached to this e-mail and place in your Church Bulletin and on a Bulletin Board this month.  It details the events of the LCMS U at OU Campus Ministry.

Thank you for your time and assistance in helping us to continue to minister to those of your flock and also for your financial support, via the Oklahoma District. Please remember this ministry in your congregational, as well as in your own personal prayers.

We also encourage you, as the home pastor and congregation, to keep in regular, direct contact with your student members (via email, phone calls, letters, cards, care packages, etc), checking up on them and encouraging them to attend our activities and the Divine Services at Trinity.

If there is anything that we can do for you or your students during this academic year, please do not hesitate to contact us.

May the God of grace and mercy bless your labors in His vineyard!

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                 Pastor David Nehrenz                                                        Vicar Keith Kettner
                 Cell: (405) 306-8464                                                          Cell (405) 429-9327                                          Office: (405) 321-3443  
                                          Campus Ministry ~ Bulletin Insert (Click Here) 

                                                Campus Ministry ~ Poster (Click Here)


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