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Ministerial Health/Worker Wellness
Free Stay at Camp Lutherhoma Open for any Church Worker
What do you need relief from?

your spouse,
feeling burnout,
having a hard time caring,
having a hard time facing the day, the next meeting, the next sermon you have to write.

I have good news for you, the Lord loves you and cares for you; so do I.  When the rigors and stresses of ministry start to affect your life adversely, it’s time to take care of yourself.  If your situation feels like a place to just get away for a while to a relaxing place would help, here’s two nearly free room and board resources to consider.

  • Camp Lutherhoma
    Jordan Ranch

Free stay at Camp Lutherhoma is open to any church worker, including one night and breakfast free, but can extend that if there is need. Contact John Busch at, 918-458-0704, for availability. Weekdays are generally open. Often weekends, too! The Retreat Cabins, Pine and Aspen, are custom built for comfort and hospitality.  Each cabin has 4 bedrooms with common bathrooms, kitchenette, and main room with fireplace.  Just outside the cabins are 120 acres of forest and hills, with the Illinois River running through camp.  Many outdoor opportunities are available, such as hiking, sitting on prayer benches by the river, and enjoying a campfire at our new fire ring behind Pine and Aspen. 

  • Relaxing stay in private room with all linens and bedding and towels provided. 

  • Queen bed, bunk and twin beds in each room, along with a sink.

  • Coffee is available for you to make at any time.

  • The kitchenette as a microwave and refrigerator.

Refresh and Renew is a ministry of Jordan Ranch where pastors and their wives can enjoy 3 nights at our property with meals absolutely FREE. There is NO agenda or curriculum. It’s simply an opportunity to reconnect with each other. This event is for adults only and registration is required. Your marriage is important to your church, God and us!

All of their 2019 dates are currently booked. Please submit the form on the website if you wish to be added to their waitlist. Also keep watch for when the 2020 dates come open – that’s what I did to book my visit for last May. Amenities offered:

Guests enjoy fresh meals provided by our executive chef and free Wi-Fi is provided.

We are proud to offer the follow amenities:

  • Softball Field & Football Fields

  • Wooded Walking Trails

  • Outdoor Prayer Stations

  • Pool

  • Jacuzzi

  • Volley Ball

  • Basketball Court

  • Ping Pong

  • Horse Shoes

Jordan Ranch is located off Interstate 10 near La Grange, Texas. It’s a day’s drive from most of Oklahoma. Flying into Austin is possible, but then there’s car rental and a 70 miles drive to the resort.

Always remember that Pastoral Support Network, is an EAP specifically designed for ordained pastors and those that live in a pastor’s home. It is free and confidential (regardless of enrollment in the Concordia Plans) and can be reached at 888-712-1805.


This time of year seems to be one of the worst times of spiritual battle for those in professional church work. Pay attention to yourself and know when to reach out to care for yourself.

A final invitation: I also invite you to call me,. I am Your ministerial Health/Worker Wellness Representative. Know that whatever you tell me is confidential. I am a seasoned pastor, certified reconciliation coach, a certified mediator, a trained chaplain, church planter. I have a varied background to be a good listener and care for you. I’ll be sending out other email information on Ministerial Health/Worker Wellness programs as time permits. There is funding to help with programs in this area so don’t let finances be an obstacle.


Glenn Meyer, Trinity McAlester, cell 918-916-4469
OK District Ministerial Health/Worker Wellness Representative



                        MY GERMAN ADVENTURE TOURS                       

Friends and Family Tour  ~June 9-20, 2020
We specialize in private, small group journeys
organized and guided by Rev. Dr. Christian
and Lula Tiews.
Rev. Tiews is an LCMS pastor at Trinity
Okmulgee, OK, and an expert on Reformation
history, the works of C.F.W. Walther, World
War II and the Cold War. He holds
German/American citizenship and met and
married his German-born wife Lula in
Hamburg. They established a sister city
relationship between Tomball, TX, and Lula's
hometown Telgte, Germany, and frequently
travel back home to visit family and guide
tours. All places, hotels, hostels, restaurants
have been carefully selected by
them personally.