Attached you will hopefully find the registration form for Camp Lutherhaven, 2017.  Due to the fire at Lutherhaven 'Retreat Center the camp will take place at Boiling Springs State Park, Woodward, Oklahoma July 23 - 27.  If interested please print off the attachments and circulate them to your youth.

Camp Lutherhaven Registration Information / Forms

If you have any questions please let me know.

Mark of Trinity
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Lutherhaven to Host Continuing Education Program
June 12-14, 2017


                                                            Dr. Peter Scaer       

                                Continuing Education Registration Form (click here)

Dr. Peter Scaer joined the Concordia Theological Seminary (CTSFW), Fort Wayne, Indiana, Exegetical Department in 2000. His passions include the Gospel of Mark, highlighting the sacramental ministry of Jesus. He loves to show how the life and teachings of Christ anticipates and forms the life of the Church.  He did his undergraduate work in the Classics at Indiana University Bloomington. From there he went on to CTSFW (M.Div., 1992), and to Notre Dame, where he earned his M.A. (1995) and completed his doctoral dissertation on the Lukan Passion Narrative (Ph.D., 2001). From 1996 to 2000 Dr. Scaer served as the pastor of Emanuel Lutheran Church in Arcadia, Indiana. He is deeply involved in life issues and serves as president of Allen County Right to Life. He is a founding member of Shepherds United, an ecumenical Christian group formed to defend life, natural marriage and religious liberty. He speaks out on the issues that affect both our Church and society, always placing the focus on Christ, who gives us life and defines for us what it means to be truly human.

         The Gospel of Mark: The Mystery of Jesus 

         The Gospel of Mark is perhaps the most intriguing and mysterious of the Gospels. Again and
         again, Jesus, like a roaring lion, confounds our expectations. More than any Gospel, Mark
         emphasizes a theology of the cross in which Jesus’ true nature is known only in His suffering.
         We will also show how Mark has a profound understanding of the Sacraments which flow from
         Jesus Himself.

Required Readings:

Scaer, Peter, “The Atonement in Mark’s Sacramental Theology,”

Concordia Theological Quarterly 72.3 (July 2008), 227-242.

Scaer, Peter, ”The Lord’s Supper as Symposium in the Gospel of Mark,”

Concordia Theological Quarterly 72.2 (April 2008), 119-134.

Scaer, Peter, “The Bread from Heaven, the Bread of Presence: Reflections on the Interplay of Forgiveness and Communion,” 2014 CTSFW Symposium paper.

Available at CTSFW Media Site,

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            Lutherhaven Retreat Center                                Rev. Randy Foote

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For more information about Continuing Education opportunities and/or registration, you may call Kara Mertz at 260.452.2103, email or visit


Lutherhaven Retreat Center 
Victim of Wild Fires

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           Before Wild Fires                                             After Wild Fires

The recent wildfires in northwestern Oklahoma took a toll on Lutherhaven Retreat Center.  The “bunkhouse” was totally destroyed with all of its contents leaving only the concrete walls to the lower level.  The well house was also damaged from intense heat as the fire swept through the grounds.  Many trees were destroyed as well.  The main house was not damaged, but landscape timbers around it were smoldering a day after the fire which marked a very close call!   Some of the activities scheduled for this summer, including the continuing education, will continue to be held since the main house can accommodate the numbers that attend. 

It was also discovered that we were “underinsured” so replacement of the building and the contents may far exceed the insured amount.  The irony is that only last week I received papers from LCEF stamped with our loan for the Lutherhaven property PAID IN FULL.  For further information about the fire damage or inquiries about helping out can be directed to Mark Wescoatt in Guymon. (580) 338-3820 Email:  The fires have caused much damage during the past week, and this damage is very disappointing to us all, but especially to our western Oklahoma brethren who have invested their time, sweat and finances to build an oasis in that area.

Keep them and all impacted by these fires in your prayers!

In Christ, the Lamb of God,

Barrie Henke