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Holy Trinity Lutheran School in Edmond is Hiring 

HTLS is looking for a 5th grade teacher (must be certified with elementary education degree.) Part-time music teacher, and Part-time Librarian. For more details about these positions please contact Debbie Swanson at 405-844-4000 or dswanson@htlcok.org



Messiah Lutheran School in Oklahoma City is looking to add a part-time position, Director of Children's Ministry

Pastor Muenchow is sending out the job description below.  If you know of anyone who might be qualified and interested please share this with them and have them contact me ( 405-946-0681) or mmuenchow@mesisahokc.org 

Revised 5-3-2018
Director of Children’s Ministry



Messiah’s Mission Statement:


As a member of the Messiah Lutheran Church Ministry team, the Director of Children’s Ministry will assist the church in living out this Ministry Statement by serving in the ways and areas listed below:

Position Title: Director of Children’s Ministry

Purpose of the Position:

To promote and enhance the spiritual development of the children connected with Messiah Lutheran Church, School, Child Care & Learning Center programs and other means through which we touch the lives of children.  In addition, to be a role model and catalyst in bringing unchurched children and families to know Christ and His saving Grace, and to be a resource and aid to those teachers, leaders and parents who have the responsibility of raising, leading, and guiding these children and youth.

Attributes for the Director of Children’s Ministry:

·         Relationship oriented
·         Positive attitude
·         Eager to learn
·         Servant/leader
·         Innovative
·         Energetic
·         Self-motivated

Desired gifts and abilities

·         Displays a growing relationship with Jesus Christ
·         Committed to the values and vision of the church
·         Relates well with Parents and Children of all ages
·         Is a team player who will mesh with the existing leadership team
·         Is a critical / focused thinker
·         Displays organizational skills
·         Able to take initiative
·         Willing to train and equip others for ministry
·         Can delegate appropriately
·         Has good interpersonal skills
·         Possesses training and/or certification in Early Childhood or Elementary Education
·         Ministry training or experience in faith formation

Areas of Responsibility
               -          Messiah Early Childhood Sunday School
-          Kingdom Kids Sunday School
-          Midweek T.E.A.M.
-          Messiah Summer VBS Program
-          Messiah Nursery Program

Duties and Responsibilities
              ►  Develop, coordinate, and guide a comprehensive educational and fellowship
                    ministry for children and their families from birth through the 5th grade
              ►  Recruit teams and develop & implement curriculum for the Early Childhood Sunday School,                          the Kingdom Kids Sunday School, and the Messiah T.E.A.M. program with the help of the
                    DCE / FM
              ►  Recruit a VBS Director and will help oversee, plan, train, equip and implement a Messiah
                    Summer VBS Program with the help of the DCE / FM
              ►  Assimilate new families into the Children’s Ministry opportunities
              ►  Develop relationships with the parents and families of the children who attend Messiah
                    Lutheran Church, School, Child Care & Learning Center, and other events
              ►  Assist the DCE / FM in the recruiting, training and motivating of adult volunteers to assist in
                    the programs of the Messiah Children’s Ministry
              ►  Work with the Messiah Communication Director to help promote programs and events with
                    parents through regular mailings, social media means, and parent meetings
             ►   Teach and lead the Sunday morning Kingdom Kids Early Childhood classes when needed                       ►   Assist in calling on Messiah families and follow-up on visitors to Sunday School, T.E.A.M., VBS
                   and other special functions
             ►  Assist in leading Sunday Children’s Messages and School chapels as needed

Other Duties
             ►  Attend weekly Staff meetings as available
             ►  Meet weekly with the DCE / FM to share joys, concerns, and updates
             ►  Meet with the Education Chairperson regularly as needed
             ►  Prepare monthly report for the Church Council
             ►  Give report at each Voter’s meeting


The Director of Children’s Ministry will be directly accountable to the DCE / FM, and will also be
responsible to the following individuals & groups:
1)  Senior Pastor
2)  Messiah Church Council
3)  Messiah Education Board

Hours: 15-20 hours week

In His Grip,
Rev. Mark R. Muenchow
Senior Pastor, Messiah Lutheran Church and School, OKC

“I have come that you may have life, and have it to the fullest.”  John 10:10