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                          JOY 2017 - Heroes


                          October 6-8, 2017- Camp Lutherhoma

JOY is open to junior high school students. This includes students who are in 6th-8th grade.

Registration: Due by September 22, 2017, you may register for the full price after this date; however, you WILL NOT receive a t-shirt. A participant is a youth or adult from a congregation. All participants from a congregation must register for the same type of cabin.

$125.00 per participant for Summer Cabin two night stay

$145.00 per participant for Pine or Aspen Retreat Cabin two night stay

$75.00/95.00 per LCMS congregation guest participant depending on group cabin choice (non-church member friend of youth who has not attended previously)

$75 High School Leader for Summer cabin two night stay and meals & t-shirt

•After September 22, please contact DCE Suzanne Watt at Christ the Redeemer for registration information (918) 492-6451

The friend rate is meant to be an incentive for LCMS congregation youth to invite a friend outside of your church congregation. This rate is only for outside friends of your youth who are non-members of your church or do not regularly attend your church. The OK District Youth budget will incur the remaining cost of their registration fee on your behalf. Non-LCMS congregations may register groups at the regular rates. High school students may not register as regular attendees.

To register visit and go to the Account Login button.

There will be more information and directions on how to register as a group. The primary adult leader who is registering the group will need each participants name, birthdate, and t-shirt size in order to complete registration.

(CLICK HERE for the full Registration Packet for JOY 2017 including Instructions and the following forms:

Group Registration- for your primary adult leader to assist them in the registration process

Group Roster- for your primary adult leader to keep track of attendees and t-shirt sizes. PLEASE BRING THIS FORM WITH YOU TO JOY.

Individual Registration- for each of your attendees to complete and return to you. Your primary adult leader must bring this to JOY.

Health Form and Release- for each of your attendees to complete and return to you. Your primary adult leader must bring this to JOY and have it in their possession throughout the event.

Please join the Oklahoma District LCMS Youth Ministry Facebook group to find additional digital versions of these files as well as a Flyer and Brochure available for print. The Flyer and Brochure located on Facebook are also available as editable Microsoft Publisher documents upon request to

Adult Leaders: All groups are REQUIRED to send adult chaperones with their group. Please check with your church policy manual or church insurance provider to determine the proper age for adult chaperones. At the very minimum you may not send a chaperone under the age of 18; 21 and over is preferred.

You may decide the youth to adult ratio for your group; however, we recommend at least 1 adult for every 6 junior high students.

Because we are in summer camp/retreat cabins all sleeping cabins will be solely male or female. Male students must have a male chaperone and female students must have a female chaperone.

If your congregation is unable to send any chaperone at all or needs one or more male or female chaperones, you may team up with another congregation to have their chaperone(s) supervise your student(s). You must identify on your registration which congregation you have charged to supervise your student and your student must register for the same housing option as the supervising congregation. Please make sure you speak to the supervising congregation and adult leader ahead of time and ensure they are willing and comfortable supervising your student. DO NOT register a student without having adult supervision coordinated.

As of January 1, 2017, The Oklahoma District LCMS requires that all Oklahoma District congregations obtain criminal, violent and sexual offender background checks for all adult leaders (age 18 and over) that attend District sponsored youth events, including but not limited to the District Youth Gatherings (JOY and OK’D in Christ); District service events; and Lutherhaven Retreat Center or Camp Lutherhoma sponsored retreats or camps. Please make sure your church has conducted a background check for all adults who chaperone youth attending these events and maintain this information locally. This is a best practice. If your congregation does not currently obtain background checks for staff or volunteers who work with minors, we highly encourage you move in this direction as soon as possible. You may consider speaking to your church’s liability insurance provider for assistance. Thank you for your cooperation!

Suzanne S. Watt
Director of Christian Education
Youth Executive for the OK District-LCMS

2550 East 71st Street
Tulsa, OK 74136
Office: (918)492-6451
Cell: (918)619-7490
Fax: (918)492-3524